Sunday, October 28, 2012

Going to the Dark Side

As Halloween is upon us, many may be decorating the homes for the festive occasion. Some, however, may enjoy the "dark side" year round when it comes to interiors. See for yourself with these interiors that are black and yet, seemingly classic. Happy Halloween!

Slick paneled black walls and floors - in a statement bathroom!

This bedroom is a little more rock 'n roll chic, but black walls nevertheless.

Keeping it simple, just an added touch of black to make this kitchen earthy and eccentric.

This office is no deep, dark dungeon - it's ultra chic with black painted lacquer walls and shelving.

The hallway of darkness that isn't; when paired with white contrasting trim.

Kitchen love - how could you not? It's so charming, so classic, so fresh in design aesthetics.

An outdoor terrace - who say's you can't take black back outside?

Images sourced from House Beautiful and Pinterest.

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