Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Brody House, A Modern Masterpiece


Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres has taken ownership of one great real estate masterpiece, The Brody House. The home sits on 2.3 acres and is over 13,000 square feet. It features six bedrooms, 9 1/2 bathrooms. The compound also includes a pool, pool house, tennis court, gym, and spa. The price tag? $39,888,000. It is considered one of the most iconic modern estates in Los Angeles.

Jill Seidner dy-house-013-480w

A sunny yet private courtyard is perfect for celebrity privacy.

Jill Seidner-house-011-480w

Another view of the courtyard, which also makes a great entertaining space.

Jill Seidner dy-house-017-480w

The uber chic modern living room.

Jill Seidner generes-new-home-photos-brody-house-0110-480w

A light filled dining room with views.


The modern masterpiece itself.


The grounds feature a pool and pool house.


Private gates leading to the exclusive home.

All images via TMZ.

"In The Spirit Of Beverly Hills" Book Event at Kelly Wearstler


This past week I attended a special event at Kelly Wearstler's flagship boutique on Melrose for the celebration of the book, "In The Spirit Of Beverly Hills" published by Assouline. In attendance was both Kelly Wearstler and Nancie Clare, author of the book. The amazing photos in this post were taken by my friend and photographer, Marcia Prentice.

The book "In The Spirit Of Beverly Hills" by Nancie Clare and published by Assouline.


Kelly Wearstler and guests.


Guests enjoying the ambiance of the boutique which displays accessories, furnishings, & clothing.


I love how Marcia captured this lighting fixture in detail!


And the essence of these accessories.


Author Nancie Clare signing book copies.


A street side table & chair, with the Kelly Wearstler signage in the background.


Another great capture of signature Kelly Wearstler accessories.


Many thanks to Assouline, Kelly Wearstler, & HL Group for hosting the event.

Special thanks to Marcia Prentice for sharing your fabulous photos!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Color in the Kitchen


Color in the kitchen: not the conservative and classic white kitchen, nor the traditional wood stain, but bright saturated hues, color! It's bold, it may feel risky (albeit cabinetry can be expensive!), but it's exciting. If it's done right, it can look great too. Take some inspiration from these pictures. If you are embarking on a kitchen remodel and want to create something different, this could be a great direction. If you are looking to spruce up some old cabinets, and painting is the easy fix it way - then adding a splash of color won't break the bank!


A sunny yellow works great with white as contrast.

Andrea's Kitchen

A lacquered blue adds sheen and brings in a color that is a bit more timeless.


Another blue with a white mix, remains more classic, especially with the subway tiles.


A green plays off very well against lighter wood, such as a birch, maple, or pine. Adding in copper or brass fixtures brings it up to date.


More green, which looks great with brass or gold details.


Then there is black: which may not be a bright hue, but is a color, and is bold but elegant.


Perhaps you don't want to paint all your cabinets a bright color, consider just the island. Brings in accent color, and is sure to be a conversation piece.


Or maybe just a door. Safe, fun, and a tiny bit of a wow factor.

All images sourced via Pinterest, here.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Design Inspiration for 2012


To start the year off with a bit of designed focused forward thinking, not so much as trends, but inspirational design to keep in mind as we head into 2014. Hopefully, these ideas will last longer than a calendar year and can be thoughtful ideas to incorporate into any architecture or design projects.


Dramatic Entrances: Make a statement with architecture, large scale doors, contrast, and a balance. Symmetrical tall potted plants make a great welcoming committee.


Go Bold: Graphics and pattern create visual interest.


Then graffiti the walls, a la Kelly Wearstler.


Color: Add lots of it!


And big art!


Really big art! Colorful, messy, and large!


Metal of Choice: Copper!


Dimensional Furniture: Pieces that aren't flat, but shaped, and create uniqueness.


And always thoughtful details: whether it's storage, cleanliness, or multi-purpose. Think of how your space is utilized and what surprising details can be created.

All images via Pinterest.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hometown Hues


As I was browsing Pinterest, I came across this picture of a charming powder room. When I clicked on the source it took me to a blog who's writer is a Newport Beach based blog. Newport Beach is my hometown and the above image is quintessential beachy, evoking the homes of where I grew up. While it may be winter across the rest of the nation, here in Southern California it currently remains sunny and 70's. The blue hues like in the above seem to fit in well here, year round.

To view more, check out the blog here and for a bit of an escape, visit the "So Cal Field Trips" tab too.