Monday, January 13, 2014

Color in the Kitchen


Color in the kitchen: not the conservative and classic white kitchen, nor the traditional wood stain, but bright saturated hues, color! It's bold, it may feel risky (albeit cabinetry can be expensive!), but it's exciting. If it's done right, it can look great too. Take some inspiration from these pictures. If you are embarking on a kitchen remodel and want to create something different, this could be a great direction. If you are looking to spruce up some old cabinets, and painting is the easy fix it way - then adding a splash of color won't break the bank!


A sunny yellow works great with white as contrast.

Andrea's Kitchen

A lacquered blue adds sheen and brings in a color that is a bit more timeless.


Another blue with a white mix, remains more classic, especially with the subway tiles.


A green plays off very well against lighter wood, such as a birch, maple, or pine. Adding in copper or brass fixtures brings it up to date.


More green, which looks great with brass or gold details.


Then there is black: which may not be a bright hue, but is a color, and is bold but elegant.


Perhaps you don't want to paint all your cabinets a bright color, consider just the island. Brings in accent color, and is sure to be a conversation piece.


Or maybe just a door. Safe, fun, and a tiny bit of a wow factor.

All images sourced via Pinterest, here.

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