Monday, September 6, 2010

$450 Flat Rate Per Room Interior Design

Looking for an affordable room design? On a budget & want a flat rate per room design package?

I offer a complete interior design per room flat rate design package.

For a flat rate of $450 per room:

*On-site measure and review.
*Furniture floor plan layout(s) (to include allocations for existing furniture and new furniture recommendations).
*Concepts & ideas for the room (unique & creative ideas, solutions)
*Paint color selections (including large paint swatches to be sent direct to you)
*ALL Furnishing selections (artwork, accessories, area rugs, furniture, lighting, etc)
*Window Treatment selections (optional)

(Rooms include: Living Room, Dining Room, Family Room, Great Room, Master Bedroom, Bedrooms, Home Offices, etc)

Also, available for additional design services including full service design and on site design consultations at the hourly rate of $75/hr.

Please email for addtional info (including portfolio work and contact info).

Thanks in advance for your reply - looking forward to helping with any of your interior design and home decorating needs!

Online Design | Interior Design Services

Looking for ideas on how to complete a room? Need ideas on how to merge existing furniture with new? Want help with accessory & furniture selections? Paint color choices? Get a complete room design for just $375 with e-decorating.  Email your room dimensions along with pictures of the room & any existing furniture you want to incorporate and get a complete room design which will consist of: furniture floor plan layouts, concept ideas, furnishing selections (artwork, accessories, area rugs, furniture, lighting, & window treatments), paint color swatches, & a list of resources - all within your budget.

(*If you are looking for specific design needs such as space planning, paint color selection, furnishing sources, kitchen / bath remodeling/selections & feedback - please inquire for specific project needs.  I can help with any of your design needs via online services for anyone, anywhere.)

Please email: for more information.

Nursery Conversion

Many may recall this image of a fun and modern nursery that was featured in the late Domino magazine.  I have heard from so many people (bloggers and clients alike) - how much they love it and how great the striped ceiling is.  (So inspirational, that I used it as a concept for a nursery project that I did for a client.)

One thing I often find when designing nurseries for clients is that they want room to grow, for the nursery to transition well once the baby outgrows the crib.  (Thanks to the crib conversions out there - an easy solution!) I thought it was neat to see the same nursery above photographed with the conversion of the bed and full of toddler's toys - transitioning to a very practical room.
Same room, crib conversion bed, lots of toys!
And an inspiration for a modern nursery concept board I provided for a client.
For furnishings such as these, check out both Modern Nursery and Oeuf NYC. I have been using both resources lately for current nursery projects I am working on and espeially love the Oeuf cribs and beds.