Saturday, February 26, 2011

From Fabric House to Fashion House

Just a few weeks ago Emily blogged about Kelly Wearstler's fabric turned fashion, as seen in the picture below.  Over a year ago, I featured a post on an announcement that Kelly would be venturing into fashion design.  And as many of you may have seen, the collection has made it's debut launching with a Fall 2011 collection that includes clothes, jewelry, clutches, and scarves.  The collection will be sold at Bergdorf Goodman in a space designed by Kelly herself.  Prince points range from $205 to $1,395 for clothes, $155-$995 for jewelry, and $795-$995 for purses (per source).
{A fabric from Kelly's fabric line at Lee Jofa worn as a skirt.}
Thanks to Kelly's marketing team, they allowed me access to some additional images of her fashion line to download for the Material Girl's blog.
Here's a preview of what will soon be in available!
And check out Kelly's recent blog post on her trip to NYC to show her collection during New York Fashion Week.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

DIY Kitchen Transformations

As an interior designer, I love to see a great transformation. Whether it's a piece of furniture getting repurposed or an entire room evolve - the process of changing or transforming things is usually really exciting.  So recently when I was invited to experience hands-on two new products in kitchen transformations from Rust-Oleum - I was really curious to see how this product could work and what the outcome would be.

Rust-Oleum Transformations has two kits for the DIY-er to transform kitchen cabinets or kitchen countertops as an inexpensive and efficient alternative to replacing cabinets or countertops entirely.  Experiencing the product for myself, I can say the process is simple and easy to use (that's coming from a person who isn't capable of anything DIY-the fact that I could actually do this was a bit exhilarating for me!). The kit includes everything needed to complete the project. (The kits can also be used for bathroom counters/cabinets or even furniture.)

With the help of the people from Rust-Oleum, each of us got to test out both the countertop kit and the cabinet kit, using the easy step by step process.

The kits come with everything needed to complete the project. The countertops involve five steps, and the cabinets involve four steps.  Depending on the size of your kitchen most transformation projects could be completed in a weekend.

Here I am, happily sanding a laminate countertop sample.

The countertop kit comes with five color options, from light to dark, replicating a "granite like" finish (solid finishes are not yet available).

There are many options to chose from for the cabinet colors.

The kits can be purchased from local home improvement stores (such as Home Depot, Lowe's, etc) or visit the Rust-Oleum Transformations website for more info, including details and tutorials. The retail price for the a newly resurfaced countertop kit is $250 and cabinets $150 (depending on your square footage).

The outcome?

Countertops and cabinets that look like they were custom without the custom price!

Thank you to Rust-Oleum for inviting me to expereince the products hands-on!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monkeying Around

[Loving this monkey wallpaper from 2Modern!]

I am currently working on a nursery project for a client here in Los Angeles, with a modern home furnished in mid century modern designs.  We are incorporating the mid century modern look into the nursery with mixing her current crib and dresser with some new furnishings:

Both my client and I love this monkey wallpaper as a "feature wall" for behind the crib.  So cute!

The only concern is finding something less permanent and something that wouldn't need to cover the span of wall behind where the crib is - so decals come to mind!  Thanks to a "twitter tip" yesterday, I was directed to Etsy in search of monkey decals - and there are many to choose from.

The number of options and amount of decals is more than overwhelming - definitely need more time to monkey around to find just the right one, but Etsy is such a great source - and not just for monkeys!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


MyVibeMyLife - that's the name of Kelly Wearstler's new blog!
Kelly Wearstler has joined the ranks of bloggers - with her new blog (which can also be found on her website). Raina, who does marketing for Kelly, was nice enough to send me an email last week with the announcement.  I was eager and excited to check it out for myself!
Her first blog post shows her gathering and pulling together inspiration for a project.
The interiors of her design studio, where she uses large trays to organize each project.
To see more of the trays, check out the blog!
Looking forward to future blog posts and the insights into Kelly's projects and design process!