Wednesday, May 2, 2012

High Point Hickory Chair Showroom Tour

Last week while attending High Point Spring Market, I had the opportunity to tour the Hickory Chair showroom in North Carolina. Hickory recently celebrated their 100 year anniversary - quite an impression, and a lasting one - so happy to know the longevity of a company, with it's furnishings made right in our country, hand made, and built to last. I could not be more supportive of that!

Here's a glimpse into the Hickory Chair showroom - only a fraction of what is to be seen as the rooms are packed full of amazing goods. I highly recommend a visit if you happen to be in High Point, NC - but here's a start!

Off the main entry are steps that lead to room vignette after room vignette, including spaces dedicated to Hickory Chair's exclusive designers, including: Alexa Hampton, Mariette Himes Gomez, Suzanne Kasler, Thomas O'Brien, & more!

One of my favorite rooms was the inspiration room by Hable Construction, featuring the latest Hable Textiles. Loved how creative the display was, inspiring indeed - and really loved all the textiles!

Just something really different - textiles from Hable Construction.

And in blue too!

More from the Hable Construction inspiration room!

Another highlight of our showroom tour was meeting some of the interior designer's in their actual spaces at Hickory Chair! Here is my friend Sheena with interior designer Alexa Hampton. (The introductions went something like this, "Hi, I'm Sheena, your summer intern.") Alexa is also very humourous by the way, I think we all had a good laugh talking with her.

Just part of Alexa Hampton's room vignette - the wall color is an amazing, dramatic glossy navy blue.

In the next room over, we met interior designer Mariette Himes Gomez and her daughter Brooke. It was neat to engage with them and hear their stories. Nevermind meeting them in person!

An upholstered bed designed by Mariette Himes Gomez. I like that it's not too feminine, yet not too masculine either.

A fun, girly room designed by Suzanne Kasler. (Of course, Cassandra from Coco + Kelley immediately declared this was Ashlina from The Decorista's future girl's bedroom - and had to text her to tell her!)

And then ALL the girls wanted their picture taken in the room (they fit in so well!). Here's Ashlina of The Decorista, Crystal of Rue Magazine, & Cassie from Coco + Kelley.

Another fun surprise was seeing fellow blogger and designer Tobi Fairley's furnishings at Hickory Chair. I really think they greatly reflect Tobi's design aesthetics!

Love this chair by Tobi too!

Also saw some interesting pieces of furniture, and lots of pretty colors too - like with this chest!

And this fun, colorul zig zag print fabric!

Pretty colors on this ottoman bench and sofa fabric and pillows, as seen at Hickory Chair.

Perfectly pretty side table as seen in a bedroom vignette.

All photos by Jill Seidner Interior Design

A special thank you to Hickory Chair for inviting me to tour the showroom and experience High Point. Many thanks to Laura Holland at Hickory Chair for her expertise and knowledgeable showroom tour. 

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