Saturday, May 5, 2012

Breathtaking Bathrooms

Most know the advantage to upgrading or remodeling a home bathroom adds to increased resale value of a home. Many also want the luxury of a beautiful bathroom or the enjoyment of a spa bath. Whichever it is, take a look at these breathtaking bathrooms for dreamy inspiration!

A freestanding tub in a window, a roomy vanity, high ceilings...this space allows for major R&R without leaving home!

A custom vanity: the advantage of remodeling is creating something unique for one's own.

A light and airy bathroom feels spacious, gone are the days of heavy soffits and cramped bathrooms.

Customizing built-ins allows for ample storage, functional for any homeowner and another great factor in resale value.

If there's not a lot of natural light, an all white bathroom with mirrors offers brightness and feels more spacious.

Breathtaking indeed, a beauty of a bath, a place for a vanity, lots of natural light...and space.

Another classic and timeless bathroom, an upgraded bathroom in an older home.

All images via Pinterest.

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