Saturday, April 28, 2012

Decorating Tips & Ideas

Looking for some ideas & tips for decorating? Here are a few designer secrets to follow!

Pillows in pairs: one pillow is just too skimpy, try out two pairs of pillows in contrasting colors.

Leave cabinets open! Probably not what you thought, and typically people want to conceal what's in their cabinets especially when it comes to storage. But displaying your wares aesthetically is much more visually interesting.

Be dramatic, go dark! Dark walls actually do the opposite of what you think they do - they can actually make a very small room look bigger.

A fun fix for blah closet doors: wallpaper them!

Tuck in your throws: to keep them tidy drape them over the back of the sofa and tuck into the back seat cushions. Much easier than strategically placing on the edge of an arm or chaise!

Gold is back! A few gold accents bring warmth to a room...and it's okay to mix metals, too.

Have an awkard corner and not sure what to do with it? Super easy fix - add a plant! Plants help cheer up a lonely corner.

Hands down a favorite: mix up dining room seating. Whether a banqueette and chairs, chairs and a bench...or all three, much more interesting to mix it up. Even mixing up vintage chairs or adding in ottomans or stools creats a very cool vibe, nevermind flxible seating.

Last but not least, closet lighting: almost more of a necessity and often times there is never enough decent lighting. For the most pracitacla lighting, add recessed lighting but if there's room for decorative fixtures such as a flush mount or chandelier - by all means, add those touches of flair!

All images via House Beautiful.

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