Sunday, January 20, 2013

Heavy Metal

[Stainless steel elements in a kitchen mixed in with rustic finishes for a warmer look.]

Stainless steel in a kitchen can look sleek and modern. While stainless appliances and fixtures may be increasingly popular, so are stainless cabinets and counters. Mixed in with other elements (wood, stone) the look can feel much warmer yet still modern. Here are some heavy metal kitchens!


Lots of stainless faced cabinets - but when paired with the warm wood floors, looks much less cold.


Mixing it up: stainless, subway tiles, and wood cabinets all come together in this contemporary kitchen.


Clean, sleek, and ultra-modern.


More of an industrial vibe with the exposed ceilings, rustic floors, and mix of kitchen finish elements. Add in the eat-in table for a truly industrial chic look.


Simple, refined, no upper cabinets but the lower stainless cabinets make a big statement.


The epitome of modern stainless cabinetry - minimalistic at it's best.

Images via Pinterest.

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