Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chic Office Spaces

Looking for some office design inspiration? Look no further than these great spaces - whether for a home office or an office building. These go beyond any mundane cubicle! Happy Monday!

Built-ins and oversizes chairs, comfort and work great in a dual household.

Super chic - check out that lucite bookcase!

Minimal and clutter free, with built-ins and touch latch cabinets plus a daybed makes this room optimal to double as a guest bedroom too.

Even if your living room has to double as an office space, facing the desk to the room and choosing a desk that looks good in the space makes it not so obvious.

This attic space is great for creative clutter!

Add a little drama with a colorful chandelier, graphic wallpaper, and a bold colored side chair.

Jazz it up with fun patterns like chevron stripes on both the chair and the rug.

Face to face desks are great space savers, add a gallery wall for art.

Photos via Pinterest.

1 comment:

Mohammed Vincent said...

Neat and chic indeed! I love how it doesn't look like the generic (and dull) office space at all. I got my eyes on the makeshift office space at the attic. Well, if there's such thing as creative clutter, then that would be it.