Sunday, November 11, 2012

Better Living Dinner with Miele

This past week I attended a dinner with Miele, focusing on Miele's Better Living philosphy: “We want our consumers to live the best life possible.”  With that in mind, we witnessed the preparations of am amazing dinner brought to us by Chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales, proprietor of Nirvana Grille in Laguna Beach, CA. She spent the evening with us at the Beverly Hills Miele showroom and prepared the most delicious four course meal, sharing her cooking skills and use of Miele appliances.

 The Miele showroom transformed to accommodate a large dinner party, guests included designers and bloggers.

The food preparations.

Chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales demonstrating her cooking methods using Miele appliances.

Part of the appetizers and first course.

A very sleek and contemporary Miele hood.

An integrated Miele coffee system (which take the Nespresso capsules - my new addiction!).

The storefront as seen from inside the Miele Beverly Hills showroom.

Thank you to Miele and Chef Lindsay Smith-Rosales for hosting such a great event!

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