Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stylish Closets

This past week I was researching inspiration for closets and built-ins for a client project that currently requires renovating two bedrooms. The closets in both rooms may be visible to the room itself, so the most ideal way to make them presentable is to make them look good! That means built-in drawers and cabinetry, nice hardware and lighting, and other decorative elements to create a stylish closet space.

{image via Tumblr}

An attic space turned closet with gold and metallic accents, wallpapered ceilings.

{image via Pinterest}

Small and narrow, but every inch accounted for.

{image via Elle Decor}

Everything is neatly concealed behind paneled doors, with a stunning entry door.

{image via Pinterest}

A full length mirror makes a narrow space appear larger.

A dramatic high gloss black painted dressing room.

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