Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Painted Ceiling

Typically, ceilings and trimwork are painted in white...but occasionally this calls for an exception. Especially if creating a dramatic room or working with a particular color where the normal white would create too much contrast. One trick is to "cut" the wall paint color in half (by diluting white) to create the same tone on tone affect for the ceiling. At other times, a room can call for a bold painted ceiling. Take a look at these examples!

A deep gray ceiling color helps bring out the gray in the wallpaper pattern. (Image via Houzz)

Multiple colors are in the mix in this example, but the ceiling makes more of a statement as an "accent ceiling" vs the typical "accent wall." (Image via Houzz)

A black ceiling! Makes this dining room dramatic and sexy!(Image via Pinterest)

In this instance, the ceiling ties in with the painted patterned floors.(Image via Pinterest)

Last but not least, a painted striped ceiling adds an exra "wow" factor! (Image via Pinterest)

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