Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bordello Chic


I came across this article in the Los Angeles Times about Bordello Chic and was instantly intrigued. It did occurred to me that I have seen more of this look out and about recently. The trend is described as something that "lies between 19th century English gentlemen's clubs and Parasian brothels."

As quoted in the article by style scout David A. Keeps, "The look incorporates the glamorous vintage furniture popularized by Hollywood Regency decorating and modern interpretations of ornate rococo furniture, then takes it all to a darker, more dangerous place. It's steeped in old-world classicism, but it plays into the sexually provocative culture at the heart of night life and fashion."


In interiors, the look has been seen in such night clubs as Voyeur in West Hollywood, Bordello Bar, and The Edison in Downtown LA.


In furniture, designer Ted Nemeth features this chair at Voyeur.

London based designer Christopher Guy also features the look of bordello chic in many of his furniture designs:


{An elegant banquette}


{a chaise}


{a high back seat}


{a circular banquette}


{a headboard}

For more bordello chic, see the article by David A. Keeps here.

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