Sunday, January 17, 2010

Artful Arranging

The placement of artwork is something I often work with a client on towards the end of a project. It usually involves us spending time together figuring the best placement for each piece. Often I find a client may have a personal attachment to a piece of artwork that they will want to place in a special or specific location. I tend to place artwork based on scale of the wall and arrangement of furniture. But truly, there are many ways and means of how and in what way to hang artwork. I've also worked on projects where the client needed to acquire art and have worked with that client to help them select pieces. Although, I always start by telling the client art is a very personal choice and feel they should buy what appeals to them. Some clients have collections, others are looking to acquire, and still others are on budgets and are looking to simply decorate. I had a client who wanted to invest in fine art and we worked collaboratively with a fine arts dealer, another client who's husband had a comic book collection that we framed for the home office, and another client where we shopped at home good stores to find inexpensive artwork to fill the walls.

Domino magazine always featured great little how to tidbits and creative adivce like this spread on different ways to hang artwork.
This breakfast nook featured in a spread from Elle Decor displays family photos and children's artwork with a mix of pictures leaning on a shelf and collaged walls below. A very personable display of art.

Framing like items is always such a great way to feature a collection, similar frames and matting define the grouping and look ideal in a hallway or corridor if there are many to display.

Clustering a set of pictures appears as one large back drop of artwork.

An interesting vignette of different scaled artwork.

Art en masse in the same size and framing creates a gallery of artwork.

Balance dominates in this living room display of art although the pieces of artwork are different in size and frames, but the arrangement is of equal balance.

Another past Domino magazine feature, a collection of plates (left) and a series of art (right) offer another way of arranging.

{There are so many creative ways to display artwork and arrange wall collections. Analyzing interiors can give you a lot of ideas on how to arrange artwork and figure which works best for your space.}

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