Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pretty Pillows


I first saw this pillow (above) via Real Simple and thought it was darling. I clicked the link to the site to discover more pretty pillows and that their origin is Hungarian, made in Hungary using traditional Hungarian motifs. I happen to be half Hungarian (Austrian descent on my dad's side, Hungarian descent on my mom's side) so immediately connected to something that displayed a bit of heritage. Aside from heritage, these pillows are just really pretty!


This pillow is made by using hand -cut reverse felt applique.


My Hungarian grandmother used to sew a lot, this pillow reminds me of something she would have made.


The reds are pretty too!

{All pillows available online at Horne}

Now if only I could find those traditional Hungarian cookies & pastries my grandmother used to make for the holidays...


keser┼▒csoki said...

Hello Jill,
I found your blog through a pic popping up for the keyword 'neogothic', so you can imagine how surprised I was when I found the pillows of my grandma, of which I was talking about just yesterday.. I grew up playing with them (she had them in really ugly colors though..:)). I haven't seen this kind in Hungary for at least 15 years , but now I understand that it's because they are in the States now..
Anyway, it was good to find them, especially prepared in such beautiful way.

And not to forget, I have my grandma's really old recipes, so if you can think of any of those cookies and pasries, feel free to ask!
Judit, Hungary

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

Hi Judit!

So glad you found my blog! Thanks for your comment! I was so happy to hear that you do (or did!) have these pillows in Hungary, too. I'm not much of a cook, but would be interested in the recipies. There were so many cookies she made but the one I remember the most was a diamond shape cookie, with a fruit filled (jelly like) center, and nuts/cookie like on the outside...sound familiar at all? Let me know! Keep in touch!