Sunday, September 27, 2009

Island Getaway


This past week I took another trip over to Catalina Island. I had featured a blog post back in August about my boating trip over to the island. Well, despite squeezing in another mini vacay, this trip was a bit of a "business trip" if you will - as I am excited to announce I will be working on a project on the island! I have been hired to help with the interior design of a vacation rental. The clients use the home as a vacation get away for their family and also rent out both the upper and lower unit as a weekly or weekend rental. Having the opportunity to work on a project on Catalina Island means a lot to me. I have spent my entire life going to the island and grew up spending summers living and working on the island. Generations of my family have been going to the island, beginning with my great-grandparents. Obviously, having a design project on the island makes for a good excuse for more visits!

Last time I blogged about the island, I did so in more of a perspective of boating. I thought this time I would feature a little bit more on the town of Avalon (since I actually got off our boat on this trip). Avalon is the main city on the island, it is a charming town of small shops and restaurants. Population of Avalon is only about 3,100 but fluctuates due to summer residents. Avalon has a wealth of history and many well known architectural monuments, such as the Wrigley Mansion, the Holly Hill House, & the Casino (pictured above ). The Casino that dominates Avalon Bay was built in 1929 and the interiors are a "standstill in time" Art Deco . The Casino itself is not an actual Casino, it's name is derived from the Italian meaning of casino: social gathering place. The Casino actually houses a movie theater, a museum, and a grand ballroom at the top which is used for concerts, parties, weddings, and other events.


Antonio's Pizza has been on the island forever and is so good! This is the original location next door to the Glenmore Plaza Hotel.


View of the Busy Bee restaurant - another great eating spot right on the water!


Front Street in town, featuring Catalina Tile (hard to see, took these pics with my phone) on the fountain.


View from Front Street, down Catalina Avenue.


The Green Pier


We just happen to be in Avalon during the annual Marlin Tournament. I was on the pier when they brought in the winning catch of the day!


Hillside houses, view from the harbor.


And lastly, my new project on the island! Looking forward to seeing this already charming island home become even more charming!

If you are interested in renting a vacation home on the island, check out this site: for a list of available properties.

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