Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Boating Life


I've always been fascinated with the design of boats. I have spent my entire life around boats and have been boating since I was just a few months old. Growing up, we had a few different boats but when I was a toddler my parent's had a boat built for which we still have today. Because they had the boat built for themselves, they were able to customize a few key features. Even when working with my own clients, I often reference the unique design of boats. It's especially amazing what can fit into the smallest of spaces. Our boat has a living/dining salon, 3 bedrooms (1 stateroom, 2 cabins), 2 full bathrooms, a kitchen, a bar, a washer/dryer, & ample storage. All packed into a 42' boat. While areas are compact, they are not uncomfortable in any way. Many spaces provide multi-use, whether it be for living or storage. I think one critical element of boat design is the stability of furnishings and built-ins to withstand movement (such as the ocean).

This past week I spent vacationing on Catalina Island on our boat. If you have never been to Catalina, it's worth a visit! A small island just off the coast of Southern California.

Here are a few highlight's from my trip along with some pictures of the boat's interior:


Arriving in Avalon, after making the 2+ hour crossing the channel from Newport Beach. (Avalon is the main town on the island.)


View of the Casino from our mooring, the historic landmark at the entrance to the harbor.


The main salon on the boat, which doubles/triples as a living/dining/sleeping area (the coffee table can be raised on it's pedestal and the table has hinges that fold out to make larger). The built-in seating can be expanded for sleeping. Drawers underneath provide ample storage in this u-shaped seating area.


The bar area houses an extra sink & an ice maker (below) with a pull out (just above the bar stools) for more surface space. Teak wood known for it's durability to withstand the elements is used throughout the boat.


The kitchen is compact but still holds all the amenities and storage.


My bedroom on the boat. Two twin beds & a nightstand with storage in the middle. Don't be fooled by the storage under the bed, though - those slide open to reveal plumbing - that coming from the toilets in the bathroom! Not the most desired spot to be sleeping above!

Of course, the more luxurious yachts have interiors that you would hardly think you were on a boat:








Aside from a little input on the interiors of our boat, I've never really designed the interior of a boat or yacht. I would love to some day, though! Kelly Wearstler had the opportunity to do the interior design of her own yacht, the Kordura.



Another renowned designer who has designed yacht interiors is Philippe Starck:







Ahhh, to be boating on one of these yachts...Happy Boating!

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