Saturday, August 22, 2009

Barbie's Dreamhouse!


Well, apparently Barbie has hired an interior designer and it's none other than the Jonathan Adler! Have to say, I am a bit miffed that it wasn't me - I am, afterall, the one who decorated, redecorated, rearranged, decorated again, redecorated again, rearranged again and again and again...her house all throughout my *previous* years as a very young and budding decorator (I was about 6 or 7). I mean, come on, did Mr. Adler decorate Barbie's house when he was a kid? (Okay, he just may have...)

That aside, Jonathan has done a marvelous job with Barbie's chic pad - and she does deserve a designer like Jonathan Adler.

Just take a look at what he's done for her bedroom:


Barbie is living it up - so glam, so chic! Love the area rug, the headboard, the bench, the screen, the pillow with her initial!

Jonathan even customized a few key pieces for her, like this love seat:


It can be purchased here and includes the pillows and throw!

There is also this entire set:


Love the side table, the table lamp, the vases! And an outfit to match!

Barbie just seems to have it all, doesn't she! The wardrobe, the car, the house, the she still with Ken? I've lost track after all these years!

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