Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tavern LA


Last night, I went to a new restaurant in Brentwood by famed chef Suzanne Goin. The opening of the restaurant has created quite a buzz around Brentwood. Being a frequent-er to the local restaurants in Brentwood, I was eager to check it out. I was in awe of the interiors which were done by top interior designer Jeffrey Alan Marks. While best seen in person (the interiors are really stunning and much differant than in the day time), here's a look:


The main dining room with slate gray chairs and tufted banquettes.


The main dining room actually glows at night, and the walls are a silvery blue gray with a few that are mirrored.


The bar lounge area with a better view of the walls which are also the same color as in the main dining room.


The table tops - it's hard to see here but the sides of the tables have a nail head trim detail.


The main dining room (which looks completely differant from day to night).


View from my table last night, courtesy of my phone's camera (here you can see the nailhead trim!).


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