Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can this outfit be turned into a room?


In both fashion and interior trends, there is often a crossover from one to the other. Often times, colors & prints seen on the runway show up in accessories and pillows for the home. As an "ode" to the days of Domino magazine, which used to feature an editorial titled, "Can this outfit be turned into a room?" I present outfit to room:


Taken from the inspiration of the outfit above, colors and textures which may be interpreted as furnishings for the above room:


{Furniture via 1st Dibs, Rug from west elm.}

Other crossovers from fashion to home:


Earthy, Modern, & Eclectic.


Glam, Golden, & Luxe.


Jewel Tones.


East Coast Summer Chic.


Glam Couture.

{And if you want to see more in the way of fashion to home, check out the site "Little Designer Book." Many thanks to Andrea for featuring me in an editorial titled, "Shopping In Your Own Home.}

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