Sunday, March 8, 2009


I so despise not only fast food but the look of fast food restaurants. I am certainly one to "judge a book by it's cover" when it comes to the bright colors, bright lights, and icky interiors of any given fast food restaurant. Now that I voiced my opinion on that subject, I can actually move forward with saying someone is finally going in the right direction when it comes to fast food interiors. Thanks to NYC based Studio Gaia, the infamous McDonald's is getting that much needed McMakeover. Take a look:

A communal bar is featured with the notion that they want more people to come into the restaurant (vs. drive thru) and have a more inviting atmosphere.

The chair colors still incorporate McD's signature yellow and red.

The idea was to give the chain a more modern makeover, about making it more hip.

The concept was to use inexpensive, straightforward materials such as tile, fabric, laminate, and wood with the idea that simple materials actually look more luxurious than they really are.

Furnishings were specified from good contract sources such as Knoll, Davis Furniture, & ISI Furniture. Wall Graphics are from MDC Wallcovering, tile from Dal Tile & EuroWest.
I can name a handful of fast food restaurants who should McMakeover themselves too!

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