Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All Dogs Go to Hollywood

Ah, Hollywood. It is THE place to visit, is it not? Palm tree lined street, sunny days, drinks by the pool, cruising the boulevard, hikes to the Hollywood sign. Who wouldn't want to come stay in Hollywood? Even your dog wants a trip to that place they call Tinseltown. So in booking your dog's next vacay, why not consider D Pet Hotels in Hollywood? The Standard, the Mondrian - so over! D Pet Hotels is a luxury resort and spa for the distinguished dog. The luxury suites include queen size beds, flat screen tvs, & extensive room decor. There is an indoor park, a spa, a boutique, and even chauffeured transportation. Heat exhaustion got ya - there's a 24 hour doc on call. I bet your dog is just scratching to go!

The lobby. Lobbies of Hollywood hotels are always sightings for celebs. Perhaps one of those tv commercial dogs might be checking in for a stay.

The rooms look spacious and accommodating. (I wonder if they provide turn down service and leave a bone on the bed?)

An on site gym for those morning workouts. Perhaps your dog prefers to skip the treadmill and opt for yoga instead - he may just have to inquire about getting a yoga mat if that's the case.

A little doggie shopping never hurt anyone. The hotel, of course, has it's own in house boutique should your dog decide to splurge:

Rooms are going fast, book your dogs stay now at:

If you wish to accompany your dog on his trip to Hollywood, well, there is a motel up the street. For you.

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