Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sheats Goldstein Residence, A John Lautner House


I recently had the opportunity to tour an iconic home, designed by famed architect John Lautner, and referred to as the Sheats Goldstein Residence. The house was built between 1961-1963 and sits atop Angelo View Drive in Los Angeles. The original home belonged to the Sheats family and was then purchased by James Goldstein in 1972. The house blends with the landscape in it's organic form merging indoor and outdoor living. A unique quality to the home are the "drinking skylights": the coffered ceiling living room is pierced by 750 mini skylights. The home uses cross ventilation for cooling; there is no air conditioning and the floors are radiant heated with copper pipes. Exterior covered pathways lead to the guest bedrooms and the master bedroom, hence the indoor/outdoor living. The home is currently undergoing expansion work (a club and office spaces on part of the property), which is being handled by Nicolson Architects, the chief architect who has been working on the property since 1994.

The front entrance / pathway.


The living room, toward the entry.


A fully glassed faced living room with views to the pool and the city of LA.


A view of the city.


The living room juxtaposes the exterior.


The iconic roofline.


View from the exterior of the roof line and the living room.


The infamous living room.


The dining room and landscaped pathway beyond.


The master bedroom master piece: this is it from an exterior view.


And this it from the interior (i.e. bed facing!) view.


I was fortunate enough to get a shot in it.


Then there's the view from the master bathroom sink. Yes, SINK.


And the indoor/outdoor wraparound shower which leads to an open deck.


One last epic view from the tennis court.

Thank you to Architectural Digest and Cadillac for hosting us on an amazing tour. #DrivenByDesign

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