Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Built-In Desk

Often times, modest homes are short on workspace: a guest bedroom may have to double up as an office, a corner of a kitchen or dining space becomes a work space, or worse, a bedroom becomes that place you tend to get work done. In an ideal world, having a designated work space is the the best way to maintain organization avoiding the intrusion of work overtaking personal life. A compact built-in desk can often help. Whether created from a kitchen nook, a hallway, or even a closet - here are some great ideas for the built-in desk.


A minimalist floating desk and shelving carved out of a wide hallway.


A bookcase merges with a sculptural work space surface.


A family room area with a built-in desk is great space for many members of the family to share.


When storage is essential planning a multi-purpose work area that is conducive to multiple work spaces and added storage.


A compact work area like this can work great in a kitchen or breakfast nook space.


A set up like this works great in a spare room, like a guest bedroom, complete with a tv.


A pretty light filled spot like this (off a kitchen) may be compact but provides a designated work area.

All images via Pinterest.

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