Monday, May 27, 2013

Exterior Excursions


With warmer temps approaching, taking advantage of our outdoor spaces to make the most of them may be an added value, especially when you can create an outdoor room. From entertaining, dining, to lounging, or even considering taking the "workplace" outdoors - sounds ideal but the right set up is important. These converted outdoor rooms make for ideal spaces for all of the above!


A poolside outdoor room, complete with a full roof and lighting. What a great extension of the home!


Made from a trellis, this space becomes like a poolhouse cabana.


A covered trellis with outdoor drapery panels is ideal when needing to close in, for privacy, to stay cool, or even year round use.


A sleek contemporary trellis helps define the space of this outdoor dining area.


An outdoor kitchen with an overhead slanted roof.


The perfect cozy outdoor living room for lounging and hanging out, poolside.

All images via Pinterest.

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