Saturday, February 2, 2013

Colorful Cabinets

JillSeidner18 Breaking from the norm and going bold with cabinets can be, can feel so risky, yet the outcome is often striking if you are up for a bit of experimentation. Take a look at some of these colorful cabinets that vary from the traditional white, black, or stained wood. JillSeidner11 A lacquer blue vanity in a bathroom (pretty wallpaper helps to tie it in). JillSeidner3 Tone on tone mustard yellow built-ins for a playroom, pretty sophisticated! JillSeidner12 Bold aubergine bookcases in a drawing room. JillSeidner19 A green bathroom vanity packs a lot of punch! JillSeidner1 Pretty powder blue freshens up an all white kitchen. JillSeidner112 Orange hallway cabinets make a statement (a nice accent to them are the clear glass knobs). JillSeidner2 This traditional living room stands out with it's bold green built-ins. JillSeidner15 Light blue cabinets almost become a neutral in this transitional space. JillSeidner13 Lively blue makes for a happy and child friendly space. JillSeidner16 Keep the blue theme going by painting just the lower base cabinets, and retain the white in the upper cabinets for a good balance. JillSeidner108 ...or consider orange red if you really want to experiment with color! JillSeidner125 And for even greater experimentation - lots of green! Images via Pinterest.

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