Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chic Bar Stools

{Kelly Wearstler does chic stools.}

Rounding out the finds, below are some chic bar stools worthy of your bar or kitchen counter. Nothing quite beats hanging out at the kitchen counter and having a pull up stool makes for great convenience and added seating for guests...and those holiday party crashers!

Certainly chic, look comfy, come in various leather colors, albeit on the pricier side, from Zinc Door.

Tie in your sleek stainless appliances with metal stools.

Get close and cozy with this counter bench.

Clean and classic, with being well priced.

Industrial chic with these brassy bar stools.

More industiral chic...and a super good buy!

These stools are versatile, since they come in a selection of added fabric colors.

Great for table seating too!

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