Saturday, August 4, 2012

Island Living...for the Kitchen!

Having an island in a kitchen can be amazingly functional - for both large or small spaces. Often times, not only becoming the prep space but a great hangout spot. Here are some islands worthy of inspiration!

This 2 x 8 foot antique butcher table turned island was once used in a school! The long narrow island is a great space saving shape in a tight kitchen.

This island boasts a sink and plenty of work space. The elevated bar height dining helps to keep a bit of separation of space.

This little island is great for small kitchens. It adds in storage and even space to pull up a stool. The tall narrow cabinets are great for placing pans vertically. It even has a tilt down drawer for electrical outlets!

A stainless-steel restaurant-style island adds a contemporary edge to this kitchen. The stainless steel top provides a hardy work surface while the open shelving below makes easy access to kitchen essentials.

Even a table can become a kitchen island! Great tip here - cover the surface with a slab countertop (and helps to raise the height of the table surface too).

The eat in kitchen "table for five." Super great for family oriented gatherings and dining. The island pairs dining and work space and storage.

Pretty, modern, and sleek. Trick here: consider painting or staining the island a different color than the rest of the kitchen cabinets to mix it up a bit.

The extension island: if room allows, create a dining spot right off the edge of the island for maximum potential.

Images via Better Homes & Gardens.

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