Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Share: The work of Sketch 42

{photo via Sketch42}

Early on Thursday morning I saw a tweet go past with a link to a recent blog post by Nicole Cohen of the blog Sketch42. The tweet said "Keith Haring inspired" and I was instantly drawn - and once I took a look at Nicole's post I was instantly in love! She had created an entry with Keith Haring inspired graphics painted (by her!) on the walls. Considering I've been a huge fan and collector of Keith Haring since my teens, I was by far impressed with this stunning entry!

{the tweet that had me at "hello"}

Nicole's moodboard for her bachelor client, which she featured here - note the foyer inspired walls.

Nicole wrote that she was also inspired by the work of Kelly Wearstler's entry at her Hillcrest Estate.

{photo via Sketch42}

Makes for such a dramatic backdrop when styling! Loving this!

I actually featured this on a blog post awhile back about my visit to the Keith Haring Foundation in NYC (photo by me).

The entry at the Keith Haring Foundation in NYC (photo by me).

It was also featured on Elle Decor's "Design Insiders' Weekly Finds" on Friday!

{photo via Sketch42}

To see more pics (including the befores) and view Nicole in action, click here!

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