Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Details, Please

I am still loving Pinterest, as I blogged about before here. It is such a huge assortment of visual eye candy, and I have amassed a collection of images, pinned and repinned and pinned again. My collection of boards range from bathrooms to bedrooms, to living rooms to libraries, to outdoor spaces, with fun things in between like quotes, travel, and fashion. But one of my favorite boards is the "Details" board, which has images of some really unique decor details. Take a look!

I love this striped floor! {pinned from Small Shop Studio}

A funky painted mirror. {pinned from Desire to Inspire}

Pattern mix: leopard chair & modern art. {pinned by Ann Sage}

Oversize pendant light that makes a statement! {originally pinned from Rue Magazine}

True attention paid to detail, the gray taping on the back of the satin yellow chair, the Greek key motif on the chair fabric. {pinned from D magazine.}

Stripes meet chevron, in a combination I've never seen before! {pinned from Design Sponge}

Bookshelf painted in bright hues! This would have been a great example for my "Color Punch!" post. {pinned from BlogLovin'}

This is just a start! Looking forward to paying attention to more details!

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