Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Best Room Accessory

What could possibly be the best of any room accessory? A coveted piece of artwork? Books? Vases? Flowers? Well, those are all wonderful accessories but I think pets are really the best accessory to a room, an entire home in fact (it's certianly an accessory that moves from room to room!). The majority of my clients have pets and the one thing they tell me is that the furnishings need to be pet friendly.  I think pets make a room feel lived in, warm, and friendly. So I was happy to see Elle Decor's feature, The Dogs of Elle Decor.

An East Hampton Beach House.  This dog's coloring matches the interiors.

Interior Designer Frank Roop's Boston kitchen.  Starting to see a trend here, with the dog coloring coordinating with the interior colors.  Coincidence?

Michael Smith's Bel Air bedroom.  (Another paired to match accessory?)

The Santa Monica home of interior designer Jeffrey Alan Marks.  Yes, another room accessory that blends right in. How can't this dog be the perfect complement to this room?

A Miami Beach Home.  Yes, these short haired low maintenance dogs fit right into the contemporary clean lined interiors of this minimalistic home.

A Manhattan stylist's doubles up on her room accessories.

And, of course, from one of my own projects.  My client's pug Bailey is my favorite of all the accessories my client's have purchased yet!

{Thanks Andrea & Jeff for letting me feature Bailey...thought he could use a little attention before his new sibling comes along!}

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