Friday, August 27, 2010

Harbor Cruise

I thought I would share a tour of the waterfront homes of Newport Harbor, in Newport Beach by way of a "harbor cruise" - photos I took while cruising around Newport Harbor.  Last year, I wrote a blog post on "Houses Of Balboa Island" - homes on the Newport Harbor waterfront located on Little Balboa Island in Newport Beach. This time, I thought I would actually get in the water and take pictures from the bay!

This time, our trip begins where the purple dot is as we cruise past Linda Island, Harbor Island, thru Beacon Bay and around Balboa Island and out to the peninsula.

Directly across from where we keep our boat is Linda Island.  This house dominates the view from and at night is beautifully lit up with the reflection of lights twinkling in the water.

Boat docks line the homes off Linda Isle.

A tradtional style Linda Island waterfront home.

Most homes on Linda Island were built in the 1970's but many have since been remodeled.

Cruising on over to Harbor Island...

A tradtional home on a corner lot between Harbor Island and Balboa Island.

Another Harbor Island home.

The Balboa Island bridge leading to Balboa Island, we cruised right under to the other side...

Right under the bridge on the Beacon Bay side, these homes sit on the beach.

The beach front homes of Balboa Island, many of these homes are the original homes of the big island.

Balboa Island with it's beaches and private docks.

And more of the original style Balboa Island homes.

Homes on the Peninsula side.

The last of the Peninsula side of homes, the home on the far left dominates the entrance to Newport Harbor just beyond the jetty.

{All photos by me}

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