Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finding Inspiration


I have this thing for design boards. Must have started from back in the days of design school. I found it to be the most creative part in putting a project together: flipping thru magazines for pictures, cutting up tear sheets, finding great fabric swatches, paint chips, etc. So much fun! (Then came the dreaded presentation - even though I hated getting up in front of the class - I loved seeing my classmates design boards and listening to them explain the thought process.) Still today, I am, of course, pulling together boards for each and everyone of my projects. No longer in design school so the opportunity to view other design boards isn't as convenient, but FlickR has a group dedicated especially to inspiration boards. Call it what you will: inspiration boards, concept boards, mood boards, design boards - many creative people in all aspects of design feature their inspirations in some sort of format.


This board is by bubbo-tubbo for Decor8.


Mood board by Daily Inspiration.


By Petrified in Pink.


By mel829.


By Acorn Tree.


By Paulabirdy.


By kelly_rose.

I couldn't feature all the many boards here so if you are ever looking to find inspiration, check out FlickR!

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