Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MTV Cribs wants your Teen!

Okay, what they actually want is your teenager's bedroom. That is, if they have a swimming pool in their bedroom, maybe a race car track (real race cars, not toys silly), a rocket ship (again a real one, not a toy!) or whatever exotic feature that can possibly be out there. Any takers? If not, hire me! That's one project I've yet to have in my portfolio.

MTV is casting for a new show titled Teen Cribs:
Featuring teens living in amazing spaces built by their parents. To be considered, teens must be 13-21 years old and have something distinctive with their personal space and examples include swimming pools, game rooms and theaters to deluxe bedrooms, tree houses and indoor bowling alleys among other ideas. For more information and to apply, send an email to newshows@mtvstaff.com

MTV Cribs.

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